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How did you hear about Mus2: We studied Turkish music as a course at the conservatory.

Emirhan Karadas

I’m Tawfik from Tunisia, a music teacher. I teach the Mus2 program to my students. Honestly, it’s one of the best programs I recommend to every musician.

Tawfik Hawari, Tunisia

Hi, I’m Manel Ribera a composer from Barcelona.
Congratulations on creating such software so that I can compose microtonal music easily!

Manel Ribera, Barcelona - Spain

Great software. I used many notation programs over the years, but I never came across such caring support. Thank you again.

Fatih Vural, İstanbul
Specialist Doctor

Thank you so much. This is for my travel computer and I’m very happy to have the MUS2 products with me.

I live in France, but I share my experience with your product with musicians here and on internet. Basically, to spread the word about Turkish traditional music but also in the hope that they will look further than the limited equal temperament Western system.

Thanks again for your wonderful products.

Drake Mabry, France

First of all, I have to say that I am very happy with your message. When I learned that such a valuable work was done by our local software developers, I bought it without hesitation. I have talked a lot about Mus2 both on my channel and in my circle of musicians and I am very happy about that.

Arif Balyemez, Aydın
Baglama teacher

I sincerely thank you for your kindness. Mus2 is my hand, my arm. I bow respectfully before those who contributed.

Sedat Arslan, Aksaray
Music Teacher

I am a music teacher. I use this software for my students. I benefited a lot.

I can’t thank you enough. Thanks to you, I’ve taken note reading, which I haven’t learned for 20 years, to a very high level. Live long. With my deepest love and respect, I wish you all health and happiness in the new year.
A 68-year-old Turkish Folk Music lover.

Erkan Muslu, Istanbul

Hello, I am using the MUS2 program, which you have developed on Turkish Music, with great pride and pleasure.

Ugur Kaya, Istanbul
Choir Master
Ministry of Culture and Tourism Istanbul State Turkish Folk Music Choir

I have been using the Mus2 and Mus2Okur apps for a long time now. They have offered an insight into many subjects in my quest to discover Turkish Music. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the research and development of this app and for putting into use such unique and priceless apps.

Ismail Hakki Parlak, Izmir

With this software, it is as if you are working mutually with someone else, I enjoy it immensely. I am sure that in this way I will work with more motivation and make faster progress with the saz.
Love, thanks…

Halil Degirmencioglu, Germany

Hello; I have been using your version 2.1 since 2014. First of all, thank you for presenting such a program to us. It has very features as an alternative to Finale and Sibelius. I wish you good work.

Ugur Alkan, Kirklareli
Kirklareli Üniversity Faculty of Theology, Dept. of Islamic History and Arts, Dept of Turkish Religious Music

İzlediğim kadarıyla programınız çok Umut verici şekilde müzik adına harika bir çalışma. I am sure I will use it with great pleasure. Thank you Be in good health.

Kemal Ozturk, Frankfurt - Germany

Hello, I am actively using Mus2 and Mus2okur programs that I purchased in 2017. I benefit a lot. I use it a lot in my classes.

Dr. Idris Erturk, Samsun
Diyanet Asikkutlu Education Center

Thank you, I am very satisfied with the application, good luck. Good work.

Orcun Uretmen, Sakarya
[Yapılan 10 lira fazla ödemenin iadesiyle ilgili olarak] I’ve been looking for a program like this for months, and your site randomly popped up yesterday. These are programs that will really work for me. I do not want a refund; it is worth every penny.

Rıza Ozgun, Haskova - Bulgaria
[Answer to the question “Where did you hear about Mus2” during installation] Berklee Music School, World Music Composition Class.

Michael Costantini, USD

I have been using Mus2 since ten years. I purchased two. I am very pleased, thanks to you, that I can both write and listen to all my compositions.

Kaya Ulas, Ankara

Congratulations, great program. I wish you continued success.

Rasit Cendeoglu, Istanbul

We are planning to buy Mus2 notation software for our school. With it, we can write Turkish music notes very easily. For this, we thank you a lot.

Erkan Canakci, Istanbul
Baglama Teacher
Basaksehir Fine Arts High School

You are so nice…
A scene that we have been missing for so long…
So nice for the buyer and the seller.

Ali Ozdogan, Trabzon

Please keep developing these two programs [Mus2 ve Mus2okur] and just don’t let them go.

Yildirim Karslioglu, Ankara

Hello, thank you for making such a good program. I use your program with great pleasure.

Hamit Yazici, Kocaeli

I congratulate you for this beautiful work. I will recommend it to anyone I know who is interested in music.

Hasim Mutlu, Ankara

I bought your Mus2 program about 5 minutes ago. I’ve been using the demo for a long time. I have just purchased it. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to such a beautiful and useful program.

Hasan Huseyin Oytan, Eskisehir

A great program, thank you for your efforts.

Emre Caner, Ankara

I use Mus2 to notate my compositions. You have been a great support to my success in my studies. Good luck with your efforts. Thank you very much, again.

Kaya Ulas, Ankara

Thank you a thousand times, I had no knowledge of notation. However, I learned a lot through this program. I did not regret buying the program, my money was not wasted.

Ahmet Göçer, Izmir

While searching for another notation software online, I came across Mus2 by chance. I installed the trial version and examined it. I really liked it and decided to purchase it. I offer thousands of thanks and respect to everyone who prepared and presented this program, which is suitable for our music, clear, and easy to use.

Fatma Şeyda Yılmaz, İzmir

Hello, I enjoy using the Mus2 2.0 program, which we received from you through our instructors Attila ÖZDEK and Osman Kürşat Çakır, from the Fine Arts Education Department of Konya Necmettin Erbakan University.

As a music teacher and Baglama performer, I can easily say that your program fills a big gap in its field. This is not only my opinion, but also the impression of my colleagues and friends who deal with music.

As all users, we will inform you with suggestions and requests together with all the help we can give for the development of the program, be sure of it.

Uğur Uğurlu, Zonguldak
Music Teacher
Zonguldak Prof. Dr. Saban Teoman DURALI Science and Art Center