How to Show and Hide the Score Header in Mus2

The Score Header is located in the top part of the page, the Title Area, before the first stave. The score header houses the subtitle, composer, lyricist information, as well as the title of the score.

Editing the Title

To edit the Title:

  1. Select Text from the toolstrip.
    Araç şeridinde "Metin" aracı - Mus2
    “Text” tool in toolstrip
  2. Select the Floating Text tool from the red subgroup.
    Mus2 metin aracının serbest metin seçeneği
    The floating text option of Mus2’s Text tool
  3. Click on the title. A dotted box will appear around it.
    Mus2 Nota başlığının seçilmesi
    Selecting the Title in Mus2

Now you can edit the content of the title as you like.

How to Show and Hide the Title

If you prefer the title to be not visible:

  1. Select Layout from the Score menu
    "Nota" menüsünden "Yerleşim"in seçilmesi
    Selecting Layout from the Score menu.
  2. Locate the Show Title checkbox in the Layout panel’s Page Layout tab, in the Title Area box and uncheck it.
    Sayfa Düzeni panelinde"Başlığı Göster" seçeneğinin işaretini kaldırın.
    Uncheck the Show Title checkbox in the Layout panel’s Page Layout tab.
  3. Click OK.

These steps will hide the Title. To make it visible again, you can follow the above steps and check the Show Title checkbox.

Adjusting the Title Area Spacing

After hiding the Title, you may want to increase or decrease the amount of whitespace at the top of the page. You can do this via the Height field in the Page Layout tab

Mus2'de nota başlığı için ayrılan boşluğun düzenlenmesi
Adjusting the Title whitespace in Mus2