The first and the only music notation program of Turkey: Mus2

Nowadays music enthusiasts have a wide range of options when choosing a music notation program. With these programs, we can write down notations very easily. But first, we have to learn and get acquainted with the software. This means time and effort. For this reason, to be informed when we choose a music notation program and to pick a software that suits our needs gains prominence.

In this article, we will mention the features which distinguish Mus2 from other software and we will try to facilitate your evaluation within the scope of your needs.

About Mus2 music notation program

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article Mus2 is the first and only music notation program of Turkey. It has been developed by 100% domestic team and means and is an app designed to write, play and print Turkish Makam Music, Turkish Folk Music, Microtonal Music and Western Classical Music.

Mus2, in 77 provinces in Turkey and 47 countries worldwide. It is finding a place in educational institutions as an educational tool.

Free trial version

In the trial version of Mus2, there are no time limitations or writing restrictions. In the trial version, it is not possible to save, print, and export the work in various formats. You can get the trial version on the Mus2 download page.

Symbols pertaining to Turkish Music

With Mus2, you can easily write down and playback in a correct fashion the symbols pertaining to Turkish Makam Music and Turkish Folk Music.

In Mus2 Turkish Music has the leading role. All of the other music notation programs have been developed based on Western Music. While in some, it is not possible to write the symbols and the notation pertaining to Turkish Music, in others this is only possible after installing some plugins and carrying out complex settings. With these software, it is an issue in itself to get a nearly correct playback of the notation. People working with popular programs like Finale, Musescore, and Sibelius will understand what we mean better.

Mus2, is the only music notation program designed to write and play Turkish Music with correct pitches and according to its flow.

The first line of Sadullah Ağa's hicazkar composition
Mus2, is the only music notation program made to write and play Turkish Music with correct pitches and according to its flow.

Forming the makam and the key signature

Mus2, is being presented with many makams and the key signatures belonging to these makams. But of course, you can form your desired makam and the key signature. You can save the key signature you have formed to use in other pieces.

Accidentals in the
Accidentals in the “Key Signature” tab on the “Tuning” screen. When you hover the cursor on the 2 comma bemol symbol and wait it will display “2-comma Flat (-45.28c)”.

The best arrangement of accidental tones to appease the sense of hearing

Mus2 uses delicate frequencies which have been determined acutely by detailed research in playing accidentals and tones. However, due to the fact that in Turkish Music the tones are not stable, the interpretation of the performer becomes important and sometimes mandatory. For this reason, Mus2 is designed in a way that the user can intervene with any sound and accidental and moreover add new accidentals. You may use the program without changing any sounds, but you can also work on some sounds and accidentals by arranging them more correctly so that they are easy on the ear.

Notating polyphonic music like Western Classical Music

Primarily Mus2 targeted to close a gap in writing and playing Classical Turkish Music and Turkish Folk Music pieces. But it is also a professional level software in notating and playing polyphonic pieces such as Western Classical Music pieces.

Transposing pieces visually and/or audially

One of the most powerful features Mus2 is that it can play your notation from your desired pitches with the correct intonation on extremely easy terms. In this way, you can play your notation from any pitch without any modifications.

If required you can easily transpose the notation.

Playing your notation with different instruments

You can play any notation written over Mus2 with different instruments or with more than one instrument in an extremely easy fashion. Thereby, you can listen to the piece using different instruments such as the qanun, the ney, the oud, the tanbur, the baglama, the rode, the violin, the piano, the frame drum, the darbuka, the kudum, the tef, the sinus wave, and the sawtooth wave.

Notating with transition from MIDI devices

With Mus2, you can export into notation any performance carried out on a MIDI device.

Options for acquiring output in different formats

You can export notation written with Mus2, in aiff, wav, mid, SymbTr, bmp, jpg, pdf, png, svg formats.

First-class technical support

We are aiming to make Mus2, a user-friendly app as much as we can. Nevertheless, for questions that cling to your mind and questions about usage, we are providing support from the following channels:

User recognition

Below we are sharing three of the countless comments that we have received from our users. To see other comments you can visit our User Comments page.

With this software, it is as if you are working mutually with someone else, I enjoy it immensely. Thank you. I am sure that in this way I will work with more motivation and make faster progress with the saz.
Hearts, thanks…

Halil Degirmencioglu, Germany, 24.04.2021

I have been using the Mus2 and Mus2Okur apps for a long time now. They have offered an insight into many subjects in my quest to discover Turkish Music. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the research and development of this app and for putting into use such unique and priceless apps.

Ismail Hakki Parlak, Izmir, 18.03.2021

Hello, I am using the MUS2 program which you have developed encompassing Turkish Music in general with pride and joy.

Ugur Kaya, Uskudar – Istanbul, 27.02.2021
Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Chief of the Istanbul State Choir of Turkish Folk Music

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