Notation software for microtonal works, Turkish maqam music, Western classical music

  • Easy access to your scores with Archive feature and filters
  • Different colors for different voices
  • Microtonal MIDI recording
  • Improved instrument sounds
  • Better playback

Hello, I enjoy using the Mus2 2.0 program, which we received from you through our instructors Attila ÖZDEK and Osman Kürşat Çakır, from the Fine Arts Education Department of Konya Necmettin Erbakan University.

As a music teacher and Baglama performer, I can easily say that your program fills a big gap in its field. This is not only my opinion, but also the impression of my colleagues and friends who deal with music.

As all users, we will inform you with suggestions and requests together with all the help we can give for the development of the program, be sure of it.

Uğur Uğurlu
Music Teacher
Zonguldak Prof. Dr. Saban Teoman DURALI Science and Art Center

Mus2 3.2.1 is Out

Silent Staves

You can now mute staves individually in multiple stave scores.

Maqam and Usul

With these two fields in the Score Information, you can add maqam and usul information to your pieces.

Mus2 3.2.1

Meet the new features that will make Mus2 even more useful

Latest News

Mus2 3.2.1 is out

Changes in this version: Added the ability to mute the staves individually. Maqam and usul (rhythm) fields are added to the score information. Bug fixed (double click on a file…

Mus2 3.1.1 is out

Changes in this version: • Added batch font/point edit feature for text fields. • New features is added to the Score Information screen. • Some names are changed in the…