Notation software for microtonal works, Turkish maqam music, Western classical Music
Microtonal MIDI recording, improved instrument sounds, better playback
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  • A video titled ‘Getting the notation played from a desired pitch’ is now on Youtube.

    18 March 2022

    We tried to answer the most frequently queried subject ‘Getting the notation played from a desired pitch’ with a detailed video. You can reach the video from here, and the related page from here.

  • Mus2 3.1.0 released

    7 February 2022

    The subscription system started with the 3.x series. It is possible to subscribe with one, two and three-year options. Users with previous versions will be able to continue using their existing programs. If they want to switch to the subscription system, half of the list prices must be paid “by money order”. For this, a request should be made from the address There will no longer be updates to previous versions.

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