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Hi, I purchased Mus2 in 2017 and have been actively using it since then. I benefit a lot. It is also very useful for my classes.

Dr. İdris Ertürk, Education Officer – Diyanet Aşıkkutlu Education Center – Samsun, 23.12.2021

Dear friends,
Thank you very much.
As far as I can see, your program is very promising. Great work for music. I am sure I will use it with great pleasure.
I thank you and wish you good work. Stay healthy.

Kemal Öztürk, Frankfurt – Germany, 30.09.2021

Hello there; I have been using your 2.1 version since 2014. First of all, thank you for offering such a program to us. It offers many features as an alternative to Finale and Sibelius. I wish you good work.

Instructor Ugur Alkan, Kirklareli, 05.05.2021
Kirklareli University
Faculty of Theology / Department of Islamic History and Arts
Department of Turkish Religious Music

While using the software, it feels like I am playing together with another musician and I enjoy it a lot. Thank you. I am sure I will practice with more enthusiasm and improve my saz playing much more quicky this way.
With love and thanks…

Halil Degirmencioglu, Germany, 24.04.2021

I have been using Mus2 and Mus2Okur applications since a long time. They shed light on many issues in my journey to discover Turkish Music. I would like to express my endless thanks to everyone who contributed to their research and development for putting such unique and invaluable applications into service.

İsmail Hakkı Parlak, İzmir, 18.03.2021

Good day, I am using the MUS2 software, which is developed to cover different kinds Turkish Music with great pride and pleasure.

Uğur Kaya, Uskudar – Istanbul, 27.02.2021
Ministry of Tourism and Culture
Istanbul, Turkish State Folk Music Choir Conductor

Dear creators of MUS2,
I cannot thank you enough. I wasn’t able to learn note reading since 20 years. Now, I have taken it to very high levels, thanks to you. May you live long.
I wish you all health and happiness in the new year with my deepest love and respect.
A 68-year-old THM lover.

Erkan Muşlu, Kadıköy – İstanbul, 10.01.2020

I am a music teacher. I used this software for my students. It has been very useful.

Ufuk Uzun, Istanbul, 09.01.2021

I sincerely thank you for your fine behavior. Mus2 is my hand, my arm. I bow to those who contributed with respect.

Sedat Arslan, Aksaray, 16.12.2020

First of all, I must say that I am very happy with your message. When I learned about such a valuable work done by our local software developers, I bought it without hesitating. I talked about Mus2 a lot both on my channel and in my musician circle, and I am very happy about it.

Arif Balyemez, Aydın, 12.12.2020

Great software. Thank you. After evaluating the demo version for one day, I purchased it without hesitation.

I thank you and wish you continued success

Alper İnce, Bayrampaşa – İstanbul, 10.12.2020

Dear Mus2 employees, I congratulate you first. You have made a very successful program and I cannot tell you how happy you made us (those who played the baglama).

I wish good health to all of you. Thank you. I will recommend it to all my friends.

Erkan Muşlu, Kadıköy – İstanbul, 01.12.2020

I would like to thank you personally for your attention; I was writing notes on Mus2 right now.

Since long time I was planning to buy your software; When the conservatory application became clear, I wanted to take it immediately. It is now activated and I am working on it for 4 – 6 hours if nothing goes wrong.

Accept my apologies for asking for help at this hour; I am also a software developer, I develop mobile and web projects. This application -I think- is the only one made in the name of Turkish Music.

Thank you very much for your attention; It is now activated. All that remains is to take the printouts and apply.

Wish me luck, love from Istanbul …

Burak EGE, Bağcılar – İstanbul, 11.08.2020

It’s a great program. I have been using it for 2-3 years. An extremely practical and straightforward program. Congratulations. Haydar Dönmez – USA 23.09.2020

I am writing Turkish Makam Music works. Mus2 is excellent and easy to use. Sue Whittaker, Arizona – USA 23.09.2020

Thank you very much, great program, good work. Ercan Karpuzcu, Salihli – Manisa, 02.09.2020

Hi, I am a 62 years old electrical engineer and also an academically educated tambur player who is interested in Classical Music. I use your program, congradulate everyone who took part in its making and recommend all my friends to purchase it. For this reason, I would like to thank you a thousand times for satisfying a great need. With my love and respect. Salih Uyan, Cankaya – Ankara, 15.05.2020

Thank you, I am very happy with the application, good luck to you. Good work. Orçun Uretmen, Sakarya, 13.04.2020

Dear Rıza Özgün, Thank you for your support. The combined purchase price of the two products is 360 TL. You sent 370 TL. Since there is no IBAN on your shipment receipt, we will be able to send 10 TL to your account, if you provide your full name and IBAN. In addition, the name, address, etc. required for invoicing. We kindly ask you to send the information. Data-Soft Computer, 18.03.2020 — First of all, thank you. I’ve been looking for a program like this for months and your site came out randomly yesterday. These are the programs that will really work for me. I do not want a refund, be halal up to a penny. Good luck and have a good day. Rıza Özgün, Haskova / Bulgaria, 18.03.2020

The answer given to the question “From where I heard it” during the installation: Berklee Music School, World Music Composition Class. (Berklee School of Music, World Music Composition Class) Michael Costantini, Studio City – USA, 06.02.2020

Hello, I am Baglama Teacher at Başakşehir Fine Arts High School. We can write the notes of Turkish music very comfortably with Mus2 note writing program. We thank you very much for that. We are considering to purchase a Mus2 for our school. We want to install it on our iMAC computers in our school. It is written on the site that we can install it on maximum 2 computers. Can you increase this number up to 3 for us? We will make 2 or 3 purchases. Also Mus2 can work in iMAC Catalina version? Thank you very much in advance. Erkan Çanakçı, Basaksehir – Istanbul, 14.01.2020 — Hello, It is pleasing for us to hear that you use Mus2 with pleasure. We care about its use in educational institutions. For these reasons, we can give a positive response to your offer without hesitation. We also thank you and wish you success in your work. Data-Soft Computer, Istanbul, 14.01.2020

I have been using it for about ten years. I bought 2 pieces. I am very pleased that I can both write and listen to all my compositions. Kaya Ulas, Cankaya – Ankara, 30.01.2020

I found it on the internet while searching for such a program. Congratulations, great program. I wish you continued success. Raşit Çendeoğlu, Sancaktepe – Istanbul, 25.01.2020

Good afternoon. I used to use the licenses that I acquired in my previous purchase on my laptop. When I couldn’t save my computer, I went to buy it again. I want to make a small contribution to your service as a company. So keep my old license information confidential. I ask you to send me the licenses of the packages I have just purchased. Your service is really valuable. Thank you again. PS: I don’t think there has been a major update in Mus2 and Mus2okur software for a long time. Please keep improving these two programs and don’t let them go. In addition, users will be happy to see that these software can be used on mobile platforms. Mobile applications will be one of the greatest services ever made to Turkish Music. I am sure of that. Greetings and best regards. Yildirim Karslioglu, Ankara, 16.03.2019 — Mr. Yıldırım Karslıoğlu, Your new purchase information has reached us. However, you have already purchased both products before. Sometimes users can also buy for gifts. We will send the new serial numbers if you bought them for gift, or your old serial numbers if you received them by mistake, and refund the amount to your credit card. We will act upon your information. Thank you and have a nice day. Data-Soft Computer, Istanbul, 16.03.2019

Hello, Thank you very much for your comments and support. We will soon send you your previous and new serial numbers in a separate e-mail. If you agree to gift new ones to a friend, you will be relieved in conscience. If you provide the name, phone, e-mail information, we will update the new purchase record with that information. If this request does not appear immediately possible, it will also apply later. We agree with your views on the products and try to maintain it as much as we can, in line with the possibilities. We would also like to share your message with your name on our Facebook page with your permission. Greetings and best regards. Data-Soft Bilgisayar, Istanbul, 16.03.2019 — How beautiful you are… An attitude we missed so much… What a beauty on behalf of the buyer and seller. As a user, I say God bless you. (This is his comment for the above correspondence.) Ali Özdoğan, Trabzon, 18.03.2019

Hello, thank you for making such a nice program. I use your program with great pleasure. Hamit Yazıcı, Kocaeli, 09.03.2019

I congratulate you humbly for this beautiful piece. I will recommend it to anyone I know who is interested in music. Hi, love and respect. Haşim Mutlu, Ankara, 07.03.2019

Hello. About 5 minutes ago I bought your Mus2 program. I’ve been using your demo for a long time. I was able to buy it just now. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to such a nice and useful program. Hasan Hüseyin Oytan, Eskişehir, 12.01.2019

180 lira is not a huge amount for two such software (Mus2 + Mus2okur), but I would like you to provide a convenience for us students as well. A great program, good for your labor. Emre Caner, Ankara, 03.10.2018

Hello, Thank you a thousand times, I did not know any notes and I had no musical knowledge. However, I learned a lot from this program. I did not regret buying the program, my money was not wasted. Thank you again, good luck, good work. Ahmet Göçer, Bornova, İzmir, 28.08.2018

I use it in my composition works. You have been a great support to my success in my work. Good luck with your efforts. Thank you very much again. Respectfully… Kaya Ulaş, Ankara, 05.09.2018