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Creating Tunings

Tuning option in Mus2 Score menu
Tuning option in Mus2 Score menu

Every Mus2 score maintains its own list of tunings.

  • The tunings that are defined in the Score that you are working on can be found in the left side oft he Tuning window (1).
  • To create a new tuning, click the Add (2) button.
  • To delete an existing tuning, use the Delete (3) button.
  • To duplicate an existing tuning use the Duplicate (4) button.
Mus2 tuning window and its sections
Mus2 tuning window and its sections

General information about the selected tuning is shown on the Tuning tab (5). You can change the name, author and description of the tuning using the respective boxes.

Duplicating and Harmony List

On the left side of the tuning screen, there is a list of predefined chords. (Here, the blue line shows the tune of the work being studied.) It can be added to the list, deleted, or copied and reproduced by referencing one of the existing ones.

The duplicate button
The duplicate button

For Copying Duplicate As is, 1 Octave Higher, 1 Octave Lower and Duplicate  in Harmony options are presented. When the Duplicate in Harmony option is selected you are presented with a list of harmonies that can be used. The values in this table can be used to make alterations in the Pitch screen.

The table for Duplicate in Harmony
The table for Duplicate in Harmony

Tunings Used in Turkish Music and Transpose Values in Mus2

Table 1 shows the former names of harmonies, their present names, their interval names, cent values, differences (in cents) used by Mus2. Since Mus2’s default tuning is Mansur Nisfiyesi, the difference for that tuning is 0.

Tablo 1 – Türk Musikisinde Kullanılan Akortlar ve Mus2’deki Transpoze Değerleri
Former Name Present Name Interval Name Cent Value Difference (cents)
Bolâhenk Nısfiye Yerinden Birli (unison) 1200 702
Bolâhenk-Süpürde Mâbeyn Nısfiye K. İkili Pestten Küçük İkili (minor second) 1110 612
Sipürde/Mehtâbiye Nısfiyesi B. İkili Pestten (1 Sesten) İkili (second) 996 498
Müstahsen Nısfiyesi K. Üçlü Pestten Küçük Üçlü (minor third) 906 408
Müstahsen Mâbeyni Nısfiyesi B. Üçlü Pestten Büyük Üçlü (major third) 792 294
Kız Nısfiyesi Dörtlü Pestten (4 Sesten) Dörtlü (fourth) 702 204
Kız Mâbeyni Nısfiyesi E. Beşli Pestten Artık Dörtlü (augmented fourth) 612 114
Mansur Nısfiyesi Beşli Pestten (5 Sesten) Beşli (fifth) 498 0
Mansur Mâbeyni Nısfiyesi K. Altılı Pestten Küçük Altılı (minor sixth) 408 -90
Şah Nısfiyesi B. Altılı Pestten Altılı (sixth) 294 -204
Davud Nısfiyesi K.Yedili Pestten Küçük Yedili (minor seventh) 204 -294
Davud Mâbeyni Nısfiyesi B. Yedili Pestten Yedili (seventh) 90 -408
Bolâhenk Neyi Sekizli Pestten Sekizli (eight) 0 -498
Bolâhenk Mâbeyni Neyi K. Dokuzlu Pestten K. Dokuzlu (minor nineth) -90 -588
Sipürde/Mehtâbiye Neyi B. Dokuzlu Pestten (1 Sesten) Dokuzlu (nineth) -204 -702
Müstahsen K. Onlu Pestten K. Onlu (minor tenth) -294 -792
Müstahsen Mâbeyni Neyi B. Onlu Pestten B. Onlu (tenth) -408 -906
Kız Neyi Onbirli Pestten (4 Sesten) Onbirli (eleventh) -498 -996
Kız Mâbeyni Neyi E. Onikili Pestten A. Onbirli (augmented eleventh) -588 -1086
Mansur Neyi Onikili Pestten (5 Sesten) Onikili (twelfth) -702 -1200
Mansur Mâbeyni Neyi K. Onüçlü Pestten K. Onüçlü (minor thirteenth) -792 -1290
Şah Neyi B. Onüçlü Pestten Onüçlü (thirteenth) -906 -1404
Davud Neyi K. Ondörtlü Pestten K. Ondörtlü (minor fourteenth) -996 -1494
Davud Mâbeyni Neyi B. Ondörtlü Pestten Ondörtlü (fourteenth) -1110 -1608
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