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What’s New in Version 2.1.6

Color display of notes used in different voices

Different voices on one stave can be displayed in different color.
Different voices on one stave can be displayed in different color.

In Mus2, it is possible to write notes for different voices. This can be done by selecting the voice number from the tool located at the bottom of the tool bar.

voice number options
Voice number options

In previous versions, when the note was placed on the stave after the voice was selected, no matter what voice it was, they were all displayed in black. When looking at the piece, it was difficult to use, since different sounds could not be distinguished and if the correct sound was not selected from the above group, changes, deletions, etc. were not allowed in the relevant note. Now in this version and optionally, sounds are displayed on the page with their own colors.

To display in color or all black option can be provided with “Note Color” on the Settings screen.

Harmony List

On the left side of the tuning screen, there is a list of predefined chords. (Here, the blue line shows the tune of the work being studied.) It can be added to the list, deleted, or copied and reproduced by referencing one of the existing ones.

The above options are provided for copying. Of these, only the names were displayed in the “Copy with Harmony” option, but it has now been changed to show as a table. Thus, the numbers in this table can also be used when changes are required to be made on the Pitches screen.

Page Number

The “Show Page Numbers” option has been added to the layout screen. If this box is checked, page numbers will be displayed.


Some export types in the Export option in the File menu are blocked for the Demo Mode.

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