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What’s New in Version 3.1.1

New feature: Archive

ARCHIVE feature has been created for scores written in Mus2. Thus, it will be possible to search for the title of the piece, composer, lyricist, key (maqam+harmony), rhythm (method, rhythm) etc. and easily access the scores. If the keywords written in the filter field appears anywhere in the work file, access to those works will also be possible.

You can get detailed information about the archive from the Archive page of the user manual.

Batch font/point change

When changing the font/point size in the text fields, it was only valid for the clicked area. A batch font/point change feature has been added for Lyrics and Floating Text fields separately.

Batch font/point change
Batch font/point change

Features added to the Score Info screen

On the Score Info screen; The information in the title, sub-title, composition and lyrics are transferred from the score page . In previous versions, these fields could only be changed on the score page. In this version, you can make changes on these fields in the Score Info window and they will be transferred to the score page.

Features added to the Score Info screen
Features added to the Score Info screen

Fixed the right-click shutdown problem

Fixed an issue where Mus2 closes in text fields when the right mouse button is pressed in Windows operating system.

Change in harmony table

Changes were made to the three names in the harmony table.

Old Name New name
Yıldız / Ahterî Nısfiyesi Bolâhenk Nısfiye
Yıldız Mâbeyni Nısfiyesi Bolâhenk-Süpürde Mâbeyn Nısfiye
Müstahsen Neyi Müstahsen

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