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Cut, copy and delete notes

  1. Choose the Hand tool from the main section.
  2. Choose the Select notes tool from the red sub-section.
  3. To select notes from all voices, choose the Select all voices tool from the gray sub-section. To select notes from one voice only, select the number corresponding to that voice.
  4. Click and hold down the mouse bukon on the first note you want to select, then drag to the last note you want to select. The selected notes will be marked blue. To select all the notes in the score, choose Select All from the Edit menu.
  5. Choose one of the Cut, Copy or Delete commands from the Edit menu.

Paste notes

  1. Choose the Cursor tool from the main section and click the location where you want to paste the notes, or right-click the desired location.
    The location will be marked with an orange line.
    If you do not choose a location, the notes will be pasted starting from the first bar in the score.
  2. To paste the notes to a different voice, select the corresponding number from the gray sub-section.
  3. To paste the notes with slurs, dynamics and tuplets, choose Paste All from the Edit menu. To leave out these marks when pasting, choose Paste Notes.

Adjust the position of notes

  1. Choose the Hand tool from the main section.
  2. To move all the notes on the same rhythmic position, choose the Adjust collective note positions tool from the red sub-section.
    To move a single note without affecting any other notes, choose the Adjust single note position tool from the red sub-section.
  3. If you want to work on a single voice, choose the number that corresponds to the voice from the green sub-section.
  4. Click and drag the note you want to adjust to the desired position.
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