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Creating Symbols

Every Mus2 score maintains its own list of accidental symbols. These symbols are shown on the left in the Symbols window.

To create a new symbol:

  1. Click Add.
  2. The new accidental appears at the bottom of the list. Make sure the accidental is selected.
  3. Enter the accidental’s name in the Name box.
  4. Enter the accidental’s value in the Value box in cents. Positive values will raise the pitch, while negative values will lower it. Accidentals with a value of zero function as natural signs.
  5. If the symbol you want to use for this accidental is stored in an SVG file, click Acquire from SVG. If you want to import a symbol from a font, click Acquire from Font. The symbol you selected will appear on the preview staff.
  6. To change the size of the symbol, drag it from its bottom-left corner or enter a percentage value in the Scale box.
  7. To change the vertical position of the symbol, drag it up or down.

To duplicate a symbol, click Duplicate. To remove a symbol, select it and click Remove.

Accidentals are displayed in the blue section of the toolstrip when the Note tool is selected.

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