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Staves & Instruments

To edit the staves and staff groups in your score, choose Staves from the Score menu.

The staves and groups in the score are listed in the leb. To add new groups and staves, use the Add Group and Add Staff buttons, respectively. To remove a staff or group, select it and click Remove.

To re-order staves and groups, and to move a staff from one group to another, drag the item to the desired location.

When a group or staff is selected, its properties are shown in the right. Each group and staff has a long name and a short name. Long names are used in the first line of the score, while short names are used for subsequent lines.

To create a grand staff from one or more staves, put the desired staves in the same group and choose a line type from the Grouping Line list.

Each staff can be associated with an instrument independently of its group. The available instruments are shown in the Instrument list.

The visual properties of the staves are available in the Appearance frame. The register of a staff is determined by the values in the Levels Above and Levels Below boxes. Levels are counted beginning from the first staff line (marked green).

These values are also used to adjust the spacing between staves. If the notation elements in one staff collides with another staff, select the problematic staff and increase one of the Levels Above or Levels Below values as appropriate to enlarge the space surrounding the staff.

The number of horizontal lines in a staff can be changed from the Staff Lines box. If the Thicken lines option is checked, one staff line every given interval will be drawn thicker than the rest.

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