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Mus2's Note tool and sub-tools in tool strip
Mus2’s Note tool and sub-tools in tool strip
  • Choose the Note tool eight note from the main section.
  • Select the note’s rhythmic value and accidental from the sub‐sections.
  • Click the locations on the staff where you want to add the note.

Writing multiple voices in one stave, writing vertically aligned  notes

Different voices on one stave can be displayed in different color.
Different voices on one stave can be displayed in different color.

In Mus2, it is possible to write notes for different voices by selecting the voice number from the tool located at the bottom of the tool bar.

Mus2'de araç şeritlerinin en altında bulunan araç içinden ses numarası seçilerek farklı sesler yazılabilir.
Voice number options

While arranging the notes on the stave, the notes that are desired to be aligned should be placed by selecting the second, third or fourth voices. The default value in the program is always the 1st sound.

As of Mus2 2.1.6, sounds can be displayed on the page with their own colors. Color or all black option can be provided with “Note Color” on the settings screen. You must exit the program and re-enter it for the change to take effect.

Using rest sign in the 2, 3, 4th voices

If a sequence has been made using the second voice and it is desired to add a rest sign, the rest sign should be chosen as the second voice and it should be added to the portrait first. Otherwise, it will cause the stringed notes to shift.

A red bar will appear when you first select any of the 1, 2, 3 or 4 voices and hover the cursor over the staff to see which voices the notes are placed on the staff using. Notes that are vertically aligned will not show the red bar because they contain multiple voices.

Mus2'de, notanın kaçıncı ses kullanılarak porteye yerleştirildiğini gösteren kırmızı çubuk.
The red bar showing which that the note on the stave belongs to the current voice.

To see two overlapping notes, you can use the Adjust individual note position tool in the Hand tool and shift the position of the note.

Adjust position of single note option of Mus2's Hand tool
Adjust position of single note option of Mus2’s Hand tool

During playback, Mus2 plays the overlapping sounds together. It will play all sounds on every pass, whether senio or repetitions are used.

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