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Tuning option in Mus2 Score menu
Tuning option in Mus2 Score menu

To define the frequencies that correspond to each level of the staff, go to the Pitch tab

The Scale Box

The Number of Pitches determine how many pitch levels will be defined in the tuning (1). To specify how the scale will be placed on the staff, use the Scale starts on level box. (2). For a staff with a treble clef in the standard posi<on, the lowermost staff line corresponds to level zero. Consequently, Middle C in 12-­‐TET would correspond to level 2.

Using the value in Octave Ratio, you can specify how the pitch values will be altered when repeated upwards and downwards (3).

Pitches tab and sections of Mus2 tuning screen
Pitches tab and sections of Mus2 tuning screen

The Transpoze All Box

To transpose all of the pitch values, enter a value in cents (4) or Holdrian commas (5)  in the Transpose All box and click Transpose. In the table below, you can find the transpose values in cents of the tunings used in Turkish music in the table below.

Frequencies Box

The pitches defined in the selected tuning are shown on an expanded staff with a standard treble clef. To edit the frequency of a pitch, select it on the staff and enter a new frequency value in Hertz in the Frequency box (6).

To specify a pitch as a ratio relative to the first pitch in the scale, enter it as a fraction in the a/b format in the As a Fraction (7) box and click Calculate. To specify the pitch in cents relative to the first pitch, enter a value in the In Cents box (8) and click Calculate.

Tunings Used in Turkish Music and Transpose Values in Mus2

Table 1 shows the new names, range names, cent values and applied difference values in cents of the harmonies in the menu opened with the Copy button. Mus2 uses Mansur Nıfiye for its vocalization and therefore the difference value in the table is zero.

Table 1 – Tunings Used in Turkish Music and Transpose Values in Mus2
Tuning Name Tuning New Name Interval Name Cent Value Difference
Yıldız/Ahterî Nısfiyesi Yerinden Unison 1200 702
Yıldız Mâbeyni Nısfiyesi K. İkili Pestten Minor second 1110 612
Sipürde/Mehtâbiye Nısfiyesi B. İkili Pestten (1 Sesten) Second (major second) 996 498
Müstahsen Nısfiyesi K. Üçlü Pestten Minor third 906 408
Müstahsen Mâbeyni Nısfiyesi B. Üçlü Pestten Major third 792 294
Kız Nısfiyesi Dörtlü Pestten (4 Sesten) Fourth 702 204
Kız Mâbeyni Nısfiyesi E. Beşli Pestten Augmented fourth 612 114
Mansur Nısfiyesi Beşli Pestten (5 Sesten) Fifth 498 0
Mansur Mâbeyni Nısfiyesi K. Altılı Pestten Minor sixth 408 -90
Şah Nısfiyesi B. Altılı Pestten Sixth 294 -204
Davud Nısfiyesi K.Yedili Pestten Minor Seventh 204 -294
Davud Mâbeyni Nısfiyesi B. Yedili Pestten Seventh 90 -408
Bolâhenk Neyi Sekizli Pestten Eight 0 -498
Bolâhenk Mâbeyni Neyi K. Dokuzlu Pestten Minor ninth -90 -588
Sipürde/Mehtâbiye Neyi B. Dokuzlu Pestten (1 Sesten) Ninth -204 -702
Müstahsen Neyi K. Onlu Pestten Minor tenth -294 -792
Müstahsen Mâbeyni Neyi B. Onlu Pestten Major tenth -408 -906
Kız Neyi Onbirli Pestten (4 Sesten) Eleventh -498 -996
Kız Mâbeyni Neyi E. Onikili Pestten Augmented eleventh -588 -1086
Mansur Neyi Onikili Pestten (5 Sesten) Twelfth -702 -1200
Mansur Mâbeyni Neyi K. Onüçlü Pestten Minor thirteenth -792 -1290
Şah Neyi B. Onüçlü Pestten Thirteenth -906 -1404
Davud Neyi K. Ondörtlü Pestten Minor fourteenth -996 -1494
Davud Mâbeyni Neyi B. Ondörtlü Pestten Fourteenth -1110 -1608
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