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Note Entry

Use the Cursor tool to quickly enter notes with the computer keyboard. The shortcuts used for note entry are listed in the table below.

When entering notes with the keyboard, options such as rhythmic value and accidental are chosen from the toolstrip. To use the toolstrip shortcuts while the Cursor tool is selected, simply add the ALT (Windows) or CONTROL ⌃ (Mac) key to the regular shortcut.

For example, after choosing the Cursor tool and selecting a bar, to input an 8th D note with the fourth accidental on the toolstrip:

  1. Choose the 8th rhythmic value: ALT + R (Windows); ⌃R (Mac)
  2. Choose the fourth accidental: ALT + V (Windows); ⌃V (Mac)
  3. Write the D note: D
Mus2 keyboard shortcuts
Mus2 keyboard shortcuts

The ⇧ symbol represents the Shift key.

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